Supporting Biomedical Solutions for ME, CFS, FM & Related Conditions

The Alliance is a non-profit local solution-oriented think-tank made up of patients carers and friends who are focused on how to make a positive contribution to improving the quality of life for people whose lives have been devastated by the disease ME/CFS. This is achieved by working in partnership with university professors, researchers, medical professionals including complementary therapists and other stakeholders in order to build awareness, educate others, correct misunderstanding/misinformation, to share up-to-date and new scientific evidence as well as emerging factual information.

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Various people of different ages who suffer from ME, CFS, FM or Related Illnesses

Press release – 10th May 2021: Southampton – Researchers clear decks for new approach to devastating illness ME/CFS

A powerful Southampton connection is helping to lead the future of research into the mystery illness M.E. which for years has been cutting a swathe through the lives of about 250,000 children and adults in the UK, and millions more worldwide. The unique story of the meeting of minds that linked a university junior manager…

The History of ME/CFS the Evolution and the Role of the CMRC - A Patient's Perspective

The History of ME/CFS and the Evolution and Role of the CMRC (A Patient’s Perspective)

Poorly understood & often misdiagnosed

Although visibly ME/CFS sufferers may appear normal they are in fact affected by a seriously disabling illness which is poorly understood & often misdiagnosed. The illness affects the autonomic, neurological, endocrine and immune systems and cell energy production. The hallmark symptom is post exertion malaise.

A woman suffering from ME, stood alone in a crowd

Working with the CFS/ME Research Collaborative and other stakeholders

The Alliance focuses on ways of improving the quality of life for people living with the disease ME/CFS. It is based on the belief that to achieve the best outcome for people with the lived experience is to working is to work in partnership with university professors, researchers and medical professionals, other stakeholders working towards the same goals to help build a mechanism that supports co-operation, collaboration and aids research that might lead to solutions.

Scientists researching ME and CFS
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